05 Dual Diet to Success

So here you are.

Summary: if you listened properly, you quit smoking and started a diet on the same day. Why? to distract yourself from the smoking / non-smoking issue, and unconsciously re-prioritize your goals.

You'll tell me — Well, if it's just to fool myself, then anything would do, right? Wrong. Quitting smoking induces a caloric proficiency for a same level of food intake, that provokes weight/fat gain and logically calls for management, and that's what this low-slow CH2O diet is here for.

The dual diet (smoking/CH2O) is a natural winner-winner combination. First, you shift your attention from cigarette to food. At the same time, you take care of the energetic proficiency problem.

This diet is quite tough to hold, even with one day-off per week, especially if you have a very sweet tooth like me, and even if it can be much fun actually (we'll see that later). And the sweeter the tooth, the better. It works also perfectly if you are a pizza addict, or a great pasta fan. Because you'll have a hard time with food management, and very little left to think about the smoking that you just quit —

Hey wait, when was that already? I know for sure I've been on this d*** diet for exactly 12 days (and I've had chocolate 5 days ago, and 2 more to binge some again), but it seems an eternity since I had my last cig and actually I don't remember when I quit, except it was on the very same day I started dieting... That's the idea. Way to go.

That's pretty much all the basics. Here are a few tips & tricks to put the basics in action.

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