071 What to Eat How to Cook: More Low Carb Menus

We'll now introduce a few ideas for some fun and variety within an ingredient-limited low carb diet menu. If you missed them, here are the basics, here is the detail.

Of course, this is no necessity, but you should try and give a thought not only to what you can cook and eat, but also how you can cook it. Make a habit of it. Creating new habits unrelated to cigarette helps a lot in driving it out of your head!

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Minced meat

Minced meat is great — be it beef, pork or chicken — because of its texture, which mixes well with virtually any minced / mashed ingredients. A few examples:

With minced carrot, ginger root, garlic.
And the result:

A variant with minced carrot / onion, natto + spinach + broccoli as sidekicks:

Add some tofu for a fresh taste on the top:

Cooked well-done, for a crispy feeling:

Fish is often forgotten in low CH2O menus.
For protein, don't focus on meat only: tuna, for instance, makes a nice change from those chicken breasts (steak with soy sauce, & canned, below).
Besides, it is a precious source of calcium.

Sidekicks: spinach, broccoli, tofu / beans, corn, mixed veggies, eggs.

If you trust your fishmonger / fish vendor, sashimi is alway a great treat.
And don't forget wasabi ; ) 

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