02 Introducing the Trick

Now you've thrown your cigs in the bin, what?

Let's go with the detail first:
- get changed, wash all clothes, get the smell outta there
- you might as well throw all lighters & matchboxes as well

Now what?

To stop smoking is no mean feat, especially if you smoke your pack a day. Plus, I'm sure you remember all the things you've been told about the weight-gain (1) (— Me? I took 3 kg in 3 weeks... — You mean you're lucky: I took 10.), which might come as an extra reason not to quit.

Well, that's it: start a diet, now.

Oh, I see, I just have to compensate for the gain, lose the weight I'm going to take. — is what you're thinking now, right? Well, that's about half of it.

How about taking that occasion to redesign your body?

See, I'm kind of skinny (ca. 63 kg for 180 cm), so I thought WTF I'll take those kilograms, and more, and put'em to the right places.

And just in case you haven't noticed it already, you have already won. That's the trick: the issue is not about quitting smoking anymore, it is about eating differently. Which requires much more involvement.

Believe me, you'll be a lot more focused and busy in a good way (about what's in your plate), than you would have been while trying not to grab a cig. The difference is huge: one solution is pro-active and positive (choose your body, change your lifestyle), while the other is reactive and negative (don't smoke).

First, let's consider the impact of quitting smoking on our metabolism and diet, and how it should be adjusted & compensated for former smokers.


(1) It takes the body a great deal of energy to try and mend itself from the damage it takes from the smoke — the lungs, for instance. In addition, nicotin has a laxative effect — couple it with coffee for bingo — which means lots of what you ingest is not digested and just fly past through you, literally.

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