07 Low Carb Diet Menus

A reminder of what you should & shouldn't eat:

SHOULDs: proteins (eggs, meat, fish), legumes (beans, lentils), vegetables (spinach, broccoli, lettuce, etc.), lots of liquid (water, tea, and coffee with moderation as digestion enhancer)

SHOULDNOTs: food & drink containing carbohydrates/CH2O (all starch, bread, pasta, cereals, rice, potatoes, beer, etc.), among which fructose (fruit juice, fruits except avocado & tomato with moderation)

That may not seem too sexy, but there's actually a whole lotta combinations. That said, simple is always best. Single out a few things you like, and rotate through the week. Here's what I eat & rotate through, for instance:

Protein: eggs / chicken breast / tofu / beef (minced, steak) / pork (thinly sliced, minced) / fish (any sort, raw in sashimi, cooked or grilled, canned tuna)
Legumes: natto / red & black beans in different forms
Vegetables: spinach, broccoli, lettuce, onion, carrot, renkon & other local (Japanese) veggies & picked vegetables
Drinks: coffee (x3/4 mugs/day), water & tea (gyokuro, sencha, maccha, hojicha, all green teas, mate & Western teas as well, ca. 2 l/day)

Two chicken breast favorites & perfect examples of what you can do / cook / eat while on the low-CH2O diet. Super quick & easy to prep.

1) chicken breast + broiled eggs on the top of boiled spinach + fresh natto (fermented beans)

2) chicken breast again, natto & boiled broccoli (with stem of course)

We'll add more menus and ideas later.

Also, remember to throw in light exercise in-between meals (ideally shortly before & 1h30 after), to trigger off muscle growth.

Don't forget — it's very important — to binge (& purge ;) on anything you want for at least one meal and up to one day per week, to prevent metabolism to adjust to the new regime. My day-off is Saturday and here was my breakfast this morning:

2 mugs of coffee, 2 glasses of grapefruit juice, 6 doughnuts (4 choco / 2 sugar — the remaining 2 sugar donuts will be for a light afternoon snack ; ), one chocolate 'melon-pan', one portion of cheese cake, yoghurt with home-made apple jam. That's pretty much it. ; )


Two weeks after quitting smoking & having started the diet: same weight, lower bodyfat %, higher muscle mass.

There was on average a couple of days per week on which I didn't follow the diet (unconvenient working hours, overlapping with meal schedule, impossible to have a decent meal while working: sweets & snacks). But that's all right, the main point is here: not touched a cigarette since, and very minimal craving to do so — but sugarlust at times. So far so good.

More detailed menus next.

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